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Bulgaria under Partial Lockdown from Tonight, 27 November
27 Nov 2020

At 11:30 p.m. tonight, tighter restrictions across the country come into force aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus and giving a breath space to the health system. The measures will apply until 21 December. Health Minister Kostadin Angelov promised to loosen the measures for Christmas if they are respected conscientiously by the public.

The emergency epidemic is extended until 31 January 2021.

School and university students and children from kindergartens and nurseries stay at home. All extracurricular activities, daycare, classes in language centers, educational centers and schools are suspended.

As for the higher educational establishments, only state exams for professional accreditation in the healthcare system are allowed.

Congress and conference events, seminars, competitions, trainings, teambuilding sessions, exhibitions and other public events in attendance are suspended.

All cultural and entertainment events in cinemas, museums, galleries, as well as concerts, dance, creative and musical art classes are suspended. The exception is made only for theaters, provided the seats in the halls are occupied at up to 30% sitting capacity and the audience wear masks.

Private celebrations, such as weddings and Baptizing can be held with only up to 15 guests. Funerals can also be held in a narrow family circle again of up to 15 people.

Sports events are suspended, gyms are closed. The exception is made only for international sports competitions which started on November 27.

The shopping centers and malls close down, as well as all bars, cafes and restaurants, only those who offer food delivery for home or office will work

Grocery stores, pharmacies, drugstores, opticians, pet shops, banks, insurers offices, e-pay service providers, the offices of telecommunications operators and other communications service providers in malls remain open.

All small shops, including hardware stores, flower shops, bookstores, hairdressers, continue to operate.

From Saturday, the so-called "green corridor" or shopping hours for elderly people in grocery stores will be only from 8.30 am to 10.30 am. For pharmacies, the "green corridors" are canceled.

Organized tours are also suspended.

Churches remain open, and religious services have never been restricted.

Unlike spring, parks and gardens are free for walks, there will be no checkpoints at the entrances and exits as before. /BGNES

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